Privacy Policy A1 –

Privacy Policy A1

remain shall and 2022, September from effective is Protections Regulatory and Statement Policy Privacy on Document This
this supplement or amend to right the reserves Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG. released is version recent more a until effective
(Trading of Conditions and Terms (Agreement Services Investment our replace not does Document This. time any at Document
before carefully read you that ask we which
.com.24markets.www website our on available always is Document this of version prevailing The. trading any into enter you
Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG
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6 Group the Within. 1.5
7 Parties Third Affiliates-Non. 2.5
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between discrepancy any is there whenever prevail shall and version governing the is Policy this of version English The: Note
.language other any in versions the and version English the
to importance great of is information financial and personal Clientsʼ our of safeguarding the and privacy of protection The
us contact please, Information Personal your of processing the or Policy Privacy this about questions any have you If. us
, FLOOR 9TH: address following the at Africa South in offices our to letter a sending by or com.24markets@support at
of office registered the, Africa South of laws the under incorporated company a is Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG
or” Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG (“2196,GAUTENG SANDTON, STREET 5TH ON ATRIUM , FLOOR 9TH at is which
Financial African South the by by activities its of conduct the in regulated firm services investment an is and”) us“
its and 07/531362/2017. no registration with Africa South in incorporated and) FSCA (Authority Conduct Sector
through including, instruments financial in orders client of execution and transmission, receipt the include activities
.platforms trading electronic of use the
:you to explain to is Policy this of purpose This
;collect we yours of Data Personal what•
;Data Personal your use we how•
is Data Personal your when and whom with, how•
and; rights your•
.matters related security and privacy useful other•
of 679/2016) EU (Regulation in defined as” Data Personal “to references are” Data Personal “to Policy this in References
the to regard with persons natural of protection the on 2016 April 27 of Council the of and Parliament European the
General (EC/46/95 Directive repealing and, data such of movement free the on and Data Personal of processing
.(“GDPR “as to referred hereinafter) (Regulation Protection Data
corporate body other or company, undertaking an to references are” Associate “to document this in References
person other any or, appoint Group our of undertaking another or we whom representative a, Group our of member a being
a to rise give to expected be reasonably might that relationship other or agency, contractual a have we whom with
.them and us between interest of community
controlled entity any and Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG to references are” Group “to document this in References
ORG with control and ownership common under entities and Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG controlling or by
capital or rights voting the of% 50 least at of, control indirect or direct means” control “where Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate
;undertaking an of
and Data Personal processing and storing, collecting of purpose the for through work or engage we which contractorssub or agents, Group our of members any, Associates our or us from rights deriving persons any, Associates our, We
you by provided Data Personal store and use process, collect may behalf their or our on acting parties third any
operational, you to provide we which services other and transactions the out carrying, to related or, of purposes the for
our enforcing in, services other or professional with them or us providing, businesses their or our of development and support
and legal, contractual the with compliance enabling of purposes the for and, rights other or contractual their or
By. subject are parties third aforesaid the and Associates our or we which to world the in anywhere provisions regulatory
storage, processing, collection such to consent hereby you, Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG with account an opening
,Policy this of provisions the with accordance in parties third aforesaid the or Associates our, us by Data Personal of use and
jurisdiction any from or in out carried be may you by us to provided Data Personal of storage and processing that agree and
of level same the offer not do which territories or countries to or in including Union European the of outside or within
.Union European the within enjoyed is as Data Personal of protection
any of Data Personal us to providing person physical-non a are you where that undertake and represent further You
an opening by, yourself than other individual any of Data Personal with us providing individual an are you where or individual
and stored, collected is Data Personal whose, person such that represent and undertake thereby you us with account
their given has and of informed been has, herewith contained provisions the with accordance in processed
contained provisions the with accordance in Data Personal their of processing and storage, collection such to consent
in processed and held is which Data Personal their to relation in rights their of informed been have they that and herein
.herein contained provisions the with accordance
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:Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG with account trading a for apply you when us provide you Information
website our at form application opening account our completing when us provide you Data Personal the is This
,address email, birth of date, address, name your to limited not but including”), Website “the (com. 24markets.www
your of evaluation the facilitate to us for order in. etc source income and background professional your), s(number phone
that assessments appropriateness and laundering money-anti, customer-your-know relevant the complete and application
of purposes the for information this use also We. us to applicable regulations and laws the under to required are we
landing s’Website the on in them fill you when moment the at mail-e your of details collect may We. you with communicating
.process registration the complete fully you before but account an create to page
.support customer or assistance technical require you if you from information collect also may We
and laws applicable the of requirements the with accordance in perform we which procedure verification our of part a As
s’driver or passport, card identification an as such, identity your verify to necessary information collect also we, regulations
you about receive we information background with it matching by verified or obtained be also can information This. license
.Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG with affiliated not entities other from or records public from
:collect may we information Additional
:information following the collect also) shall necessary not but (may We
;promotion or contest, survey any in participate or us contact you if message and information contact, name) i(
and address IP including (data communication IT other and data location, information traffic as such details) ii(
;(“Platforms “the (platforms trading electronic our use and access you when collected) type browser
;identified device unique including Platforms the accessing when use you that devices about information) iii(
visited/) pages Landing/pages inner their of all and application com.24markets and Website the including (pages) iv(
For”). Data Web “the (Website our visit you after and before visited URLs, clicked buttons and links, viewed content and
;Policy Cookie our see please them manage to how and cookies about information more
methods payment, us with transactions your of value and volume actual and anticipated the about Information) v(
;profile economic your of construction the enable to order in provided information
;specialists support customer s)’PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG with conversations Chat Live or Skype, telephone your) vi(
sent whether emails marketing or promotional our on click/open. g.e (campaigns marketing our to responses your) vii(
and); providers service party-third any or ourselves by
when) any if, us to available make you information other and photo profile, name (details profile media social your) viii(
and; account media social a through us contact or with connect you
necessary Information. obligations regulatory and legal our with comply to databases party third from information) ix(
background includes also This. license s’driver or passport, card identification an as such, identity your verify to
Corporate ORG with affiliated not entities other from or records public from you about receive we information
.Ltd) PTY (Solutions
your safeguard and transact, open to required information necessary the collects Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG
Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG, end this To. require you services the with you provide to and privacy your and assets
credit or/and banks relevant from information gather, circumstances certain in, may and you from information gathers
profile us help which) providers service similar and databases verification compliance such (sources other or/and, agencies
.you to services better provide and preferences and requirements your
that Data Personal the of respect in controller data as acts Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG, GDPR of purposes the For
.you from collect we
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:purposes following the for Data Personal your processes Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG
passport/ID, name your as such information personal use We. management and verification, setup Account) i(
trading your administer and open to device your about information and, number phone, address email, details
your verify, training and support customer and technical provide, Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG with account
our and us with account your about information important you send and information payment process, identity
its performing Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG of purposes the for required is information This. information service
(PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG and you between agreement services investment the of terms the under obligations
verify To. us to applicable regulations and laws the with complying of purposes the for also and”), Agreement “the (Ltd
third to information such disclose may we, provided details registration your of accuracy and age, identity your
is This. providers service verification data and agencies reference party third and institutions financial. g.e parties
.obligations legal our with complying our of purpose the for required
this event the in or/and Agreement the of terms the enforce to information personal such use also may We
in other each against have may us or you that claim or action, litigation any of purposes the for necessary becomes
.services our or Agreement the with connection
professional you to limited not but including, information personal your use may We. Personalisation) ii(
you to solutions tailored suggest or/and deliver, determine to history trading account your and details background
markets financial to exposure prior, background your with line in services our with experience your personalize to
legitimate our of purposes the for necessary is processing of type This. trading in experience general your and
.customers our to content and services personalized relevant presenting or delivering, developing in interests
personal your use may we), applicable where (expressed have you preferences any to Subject. Marketing) iii(
to, Data Web and location, number phone, address, mail-e, name your to limited not but including, information
,email, networks social as such, platforms various across you to communications event and marketing deliver
you until) i (either this do will We. otherwise or notification push, online, mail direct, messaging text, telephone
unless, and us with relationship your of period the during) ii (or) valid be to ceases it or (consent your withdraw
to order in ended has relationship the after time of period reasonable a for, you by otherwise instructed specifically
.you to interest of be may think we which offers special and promotions, services, products about you inform
purposes the for providers service advertising and marketing party third other and Associates our engage may We
on campaigns advertising and activities marketing-re/marketing running or us to solutions marketing providing of
of purposes the for basis limited a on providers service such to Data Personal your provide may We. behalf our
.services aforesaid their perform to them enabling
instructions include will it, communication marketing other or email marketing a you send Associates our or we If
information your manage also can You. future the in communications marketing these receiving of out opt to how on
72 to up require shall We. Website our on account your of settings the in preferences marketing your update and
receiving of out opt you if even that note We. preferences marketing your to make you changes any process to hours
our and us with) s(account your to related information important you send still may we, communications marketing
of be may which materials marketing you send, time to time from, may Associates our or We. you to services
.background your and, history and activity trading your. e.i behavior your upon based you to interest particular
or promotions active, services, products the about information with you provide will messages marketing These
services and products about information and Group the within company any by you to available) applicable as (offers
.parties third and partners selected our by provided
number phone/address email your, cookies advertising as such collected information of combination a use We
and websites whitelisted of selection a on advertisement relevant and targeted you show to activity onsite your and
to, ads these of reach and effectiveness the analyze and measure to used be also can information This. media social
our promoting in interests legitimate our with accordance in strategy marketing our refine and improve us help
.you to services and products
informed and express prior your of basis the on purposes marketing for Data Personal your use we where Except
we, communications marketing of respect in us to notify you preferences out opt any to subject and consent written
our of purpose the for and basis lawful the on necessary as only purposes marketing for Data Personal process
.you to services and products our promoting in interests legitimate
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your process we obligations regulatory our with comply and services our you provide to order In. Management Risk) iv(
may we that Data Personal of types The. business our to risks manage and evaluate to needed as Data Personal
to required may which (patterns and history trading your, to limited not is it but, includes purposes these for process
residence and passport, ID, name your), practices trading unlawful other and trading abusive prevent and identify
development and research internal for information personal your use may We. development and research, Diagnostics) v(
functions and features the test and improve to, websites our administer to, problems system diagnose help to, purposes
processing This. analysis and testing out carry To. services and products, content new develop to, you to services our of
.interests legitimate our of purpose the for necessary is
compliance and legal for information personal retain and use to required be may We. obligations regulatory and Legal) vi(
information personal use also may We. fraud or; crime a of investigation or, detection, prevention the as such, reasons
to believe otherwise we as and, purposes security information, requirements audit external and internal our meet to
(b; (residence of country your outside laws include may which, law applicable under) a: (appropriate or necessary be
government and public other and, agencies regulatory, agencies enforcement law, courts from requests to respond to
the of terms the enforce to) c (and; residence of country your outside authorities such include may which, authorities
.us with trading your with connection in us against have may you claim any defending of purposes the for or, Agreement
our with comply to order in, be may case the as, or below detailed interests legitimate our with accordance In. Profiling) vii(
professional, age, address, data location your upon based analysis and profiling out carry may we, obligations legal
:purposes following the for behaviors and activity trading, experience, background
the develop to and, you for appropriate are which services and products you offer to segmentation Customer) a(
;marketing relevant more
potential new to out reach to way a is campaign lookalike A. Facebook in campaigns lookalikes with run We) b(
existing our to similar interests have they because business our in interested be to likely are who customers
;us to applicable requirements regulatory the with accordance in assessments market target our perform To) c(
and; analysis trading and Risk) d(
.fraud of prevention, Verification Age, Laundering Money Anti., e.i obligations legal and Licensing) e(
our protect to or prevention loss for information personal your retain and use to required be may We. purposes Other) viii(
.interests legitimate our with accordance in persons other of those or, property or, safety, privacy, rights
your to limited not but including, us to provided Data Personal your keep shall we, terminates us with Agreement your Once
(five (5 least at for, history withdrawals and deposits, history transaction and trading your, number phone, email, address, name
in markets on 2014 May 15 of Council the of and Parliament European the of EU/65/2014 Directive under required is as, years
process and keep we Where”). II MiFID (“EU/61/2011 Directive and EC/92/2002 Directive amending and instruments financial
ceases or withdrawn is consent your until it retain shall we, consent your on based purposes marketing for data personal your
.valid be to
A. force in limitation of statutes different be may there, citizenship or/and residence of country your on depending, However
,kinds certain of claims or actions of bringing the for limitation of period a prescribing statute a is” limitations of statute“
(PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG against claim a bring to right the have you, jurisdiction the on depending, that means which
Limitation “the (time of period certain a during only Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG with trading your with connection in Ltd
and transactional, address, ID your as such (information personal your retaining in interest legitimate a have We”). Time
any against ourselves defend to us enable to order in) us with communications your of records and us with history trading
or expiration of date the after us by retained be shall information personal such, Accordingly. have may you that claim such
.Time Limitation the during Agreement the of termination
appropriate to subject, or Group the within company any to disclosed or transferred be may information personal Your
information personal that of processing the for, parties third to, protection data ensure to arrangements and agreements
.measures security and confidentially appropriate other any and policy this with compliance in and instructions our on based
Group the Within. 1.5
,legal respective their and Group its within Associates the to information share may Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG
the for Associates such by required reasonably is information such event the in advisors financial and tax, accounting
:purposes following
7 Page
;management and verification, up set Account•
;event and Marketing•
and; management Risk•
.obligations regulatory and Legal•
Parties Third Affiliates-Non. 2.5
us provide to information your process to parties third retain, time to time from, may Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG
information verification, processing payments, support customer for including, globally services with
our with agreements our of part As. surveys and research, analysis data, marketing, sales, payments, technology
the provide to able being partners such of purposes the for information your share to required be may we, partners
as agencies collection or reporting credit to necessary as information disclose may We. us to services aforesaid
.you to services the provide to order in required reasonably
to access have may introducer business such, introducer business party third a by us to introduced been have you Where
legitimate the for introducers business such with information personal your share may we and, information personal your
business such and us between agreements introducer business relevant the under obligations your with complying of purpose
:entities licensed following the with clients introduced of data share may we, policy this of date the at As. introducers
Authority Supervisory Financial Federal the by regulated and Germany in incorporated company a, GmbH house-Trading) 1(
.134461 number reference with) BaFin(
Authority Conduct Financial the by regulated and Kingdom United the in incorporated company a, LLP Eastern & London) 2(
,534484 number reference), FCA(
Authority Conduct Financial the by regulated and Kingdom United the in incorporated company a, Limited Capital TMS) 3(
.195581 number reference), FCA(
your sharing are we, reporting transaction concerning requirements regulatory our fulfilling of purposes the for and, Furthermore
:parties third following the with data
and; 328705 HE number reference, Cyprus in incorporated company a, Limited) Europe (Technologies Financial MAP) 1(
Markets and Securities European the by regulated and Netherlands the in incorporated company a., V.B Tradecho UnaVista) 2(
.Repository Trade approved an as Authority
contact, details residency, name as such information includes given be may access only-read which to information Personal
party third the with shared be to data your for wish not do you If. activity trading and) number phone and email as such (details
.email or Chat Live via us notifying by consent your withdraw can you, introducer business
,reasons regulatory and legal for so to required is it believe we when information personal your parties third with share will We
:to limited not but including
enforcement law including, agencies government from requests to respond and obligations legal our with comply To) i(
.residence of country your outside authorities such include may which, authorities regulatory or public other and
South regulated a as , Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG, foregoing the of generality the to limitation Without
the: under arising obligations as such obligations certain with comply to required is, Firm Investment African
in considered be to steps reasonable all taken has and States United the with Agreement Intergovernmental
(“CRS (“Standard Reporting Common OECD the), FATCA (Act Compliance Tax Account Foreign The with compliance
(“IRS (“Service Revenue Internal States United the of regulations or laws any under arising obligations any as well as
;to adhere to required are we which to
all of disposition other or, transfer, assignment, venture joint, acquisition, restructure, sale, merger a of event the In) ii(
;(proceedings similar or bankruptcy any with connection in including (stock or, assets, business our of portion any or
8 Page
.Platforms and, systems, customers, rights our protect To) iii(
relation in information disclose to required is Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG that accepts and acknowledges Client The
.IRS the and FATCA of requirements reporting the with accordance in, authorities relevant the to persons reportable US any to
of signing the to prior clarifications or information additional for Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG contact may Client The
.Agreement this
we Where. laws protection data strong have always not do”) EEA (“Area Economic European the outside Countries
of level same the offer not do laws applicable which in countries other to EEA the from information personal your transfer
.protection privacy data of level appropriate an provide to measures take we, states EEA the as protection privacy data
the that ensure to designed measures other as well as clauses contractual model approved use we, example For
processed is collect we information the that ensure to steps take We. it protect information personal your of recipients
.laws applicable the of requirements the and policy privacy this to according
specific under apply only these of Some. below detailed are which rights certain have subject data a as, you, GDPR the Under
our in you advise will We. legislation protection data in exemptions by respects several in qualified are and circumstances
.exemptions such any on relying are we if request your to response
Should. you about hold we that information personal the of copy a request to right a have You: Data Personal to Access) i(
Live via or page Us Contact our on Department Support Customer our contact please, request a such make to wish you
,STREET 5TH ON ATRIUM , FLOOR 19TH: address following the at Africa South in offices our to letter a sending by or Chat
relevant other such and yourself identify to information adequate include should You. 2196,GAUTENG SANDTON
.possible as soon as with dealt be will request Your. request your fulfilling in us assist reasonably will that information
processing are we that Data Personal any correct and rectify to us request can You: Data Personal of Correction) ii(
.incorrect is which you about
have you, Data Personal your process to consent your upon relied have we Where: consent withdraw to Right) iii(
the in found link unsubscribe the use can you, marketing email of out opt To. consent that withdraw to right the
to message a us send can you, marketing push/SMS of unsubscribe To. us from receive you communication marketing
at us contact also can You. us from receive you that communications marketing push/SMS the in provided number the
following the at Africa South in offices our to letter a sending by or com.24markets@unsubscribe: address following the
to reason compelling no is there where Data Personal your erase to us request can You: erasure of Right) iv(
Support Customer our conducting by or com.24markets@support at request a us sending by processing continue
a not is it, circumstances certain in applies only right This. Chat Live via or page Us Contact our via team
.(above 4 Section in described as data your retain may we, example for (right absolute or guaranteed
with us to provided have you that Data Personal your obtain to you allows right This: portability data to Right) v(
enables which format a in services and products our with you provide to us for necessary was which or consent your
Data Personal your have to right the have may You. organisation another to Data Personal that transfer to you
.feasible technically is this if, organisation other the to directly us by transferred
we that request to circumstances certain in right the have You: Data Personal of processing restrict to Right) vi(
still will we Data Personal your of processing our suspend we Where. Data Personal your of processing our suspend
,consent your require will information this of processing other any but, Data Personal your store to permitted be
.exemptions certain to subject
which Data Personal your of use our to object to right the have You: Data Personal of processing to object to Right) vii(
,Data Personal your process to continue may we, However. interests legitimate our of basis the on processed is
your process to need we or so do to grounds legitimate compelling are there where, objection your despite
.claims legal any with connection in Data Personal
which decision a to subject be to not right the have You: profiling and making decision automated to relating Rights) viii(
legal a produces decision that where) involvement human without (processing automated on solely based is
our of one involve we that request can you means right This. you affects significantly otherwise or effect
automated make not do we that satisfied are We. process making-decision the in representatives or employees
.nature this of decisions
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of users other from you distinguish to cookies use page landing the and app mobile, assets digital sub its all and, Website Our
improve to us allows also and website our browse you when experience good a with you provide to us helps This. website our
.cookies of use our to agreeing are you, site the browse to continuing By. site our
Policy Cookie our see please them manage to how and cookies about information more For
Solutions Corporate ORG event the In. Policy Privacy this update may Ltd) PTY (Solutions Corporate ORG, time to time From
Privacy revised the, Data Personal your use or process, collect we how including Policy Privacy this changes materially Ltd) PTY(
Policy Privacy this to subject is Policy Privacy our over dispute Any. informed you keeping website the on posted be will Policy
.Agreement the and
be to authority and power full have I that confirm I and, Policy Privacy this of terms the with agree and understood, read have I
.Policy Privacy this of terms the by bound
.Us Contact please Policy Privacy this to relation in information further or queries any For

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